About Us

I was raised in the wild bush-land outskirts of Sydney, where nature was my playground. Trees, flowers, rocks and dirt were my toys and I am grateful for the awareness of my surroundings I gained as well as the possibilities it presented. I had a few lovely little cubby houses! I have always been artistically inclined and have made many things including ceramic painting, complex cloth dolls, silk painting, watercolour and acrylic painting, mandalas and have always loved photography.


Making gemstone jewellery is all about bringing that natural beauty into a form where it can be shared and admired. Gemstones are unique and no two will ever be the same. This is the thing I love most about Australian opals too, that amazing diversity of colour and form that was hidden beneath the ground just waiting to be found.


Australian Opals

Although I still make gemstone pieces, my love now is for opals. Yes, I was warned that it can become an obsessive thing to be involved in and I certainly agree. There is nothing quite like the first time you take a lump of rock and work on it to uncover a seam of glorious colour! No opal is the same as another and the many types of opal that come from different Australian opal fields are all so unique, from Boulder opals to stunning Crystal or White opal. And I don't mind sometimes getting my hands muddy to create something beautiful!

I have a soft spot for the little stones that glitter and stun you with beauty when the sun hits the colour, the stones that are not 'mainstream', the opals that are so different that when you see it something resonates within about it's particular properties. My favourite opal field is Andamooka in South Australia, as you will see from my listings. It produces many varieties of opal types and I really like that uniqueness.


I say "About Us" as although I hand craft each piece, it takes a line of people to get that gemstone or rough opal to me, especially the miners who find them in the first place. My pieces are one of a kind, created in the inspiration of the moment and made with love. I use Sterling Silver and 14k gold filled wire to create a frame for each gemstone and the aim is to have a stone speak for itself. No glues, no fixatives, just the tension of the wire holding it together. The description of gemstones that most appeals to me is that they are "part of the earth's DNA". Even if you feel they don't have any special or metaphysical properties, I am sure you will agree with me that they have an enduring quality and beauty that simply can't be matched.



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