Australian Opal Pendant Andamooka Matrix vibrant rainbow pinfire 14k gold fill wire wrapped



Australian Opal Pendant Andamooka Matrix red pinfire 14k gold fill wire wrapped

Unusual and beautiful pendant made with a 20 mm slice of Andamooka Rainbow Matrix opal. This stone has bright flashes of the rainbow colours - red, violet, green, orange. The colour is somewhat directional, as you move it a new one shows, sometimes the background looks blue. It's been heat and sugar treated to darken the background, this does not affect the opal or fade. It also has some rough patches and this adds to it's appeal. I have wire wrapped it in 14k gold filled round and twisted wire. The finished pendant is 30 mm long. It comes on a free gold plated chain in an organza bag.

A very different and beautiful rare gemstone, totally unique!

Andamooka opal comes from a small outback town in South Australia. The work involved in mining this opal, the small field it comes from and the gorgeous results mean that it is a unique and now rare type of Australian opal. It has ‘pinfire’ flash, little specks of colour in a host stone, and the greater the concentration the more brilliant the colour.

Wire Wrapping Opals

My pendants are totally handmade, opals made into unique pendants by the use of sterling silver or 14k gold filled wire or findings. I buy rough opal directly from the miners and cut and polish many by hand. No glues, no fixatives, just the tension of the wire holding it together. The description of gemstones that most appeals to me is that they are "part of the earth's DNA". Even if you feel they don't have any special metaphysical properties, I am sure you will agree with me that they have an enduring quality and beauty. All my jewellery is one of a kind, created in the inspiration of the moment and made with care. I use quality materials and aim to produce beautiful, affordable items. Each one is unique, as even if I try and repeat a design, it's never quite the same, especially with opals!