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Bloodstone Tourmalinated Quartz pendant Sterling wire wrapped gemstone abstract pendant



A nice classic pendant made with seven Bloodstone beads and two Tourmalinated Quartz beads wired together with Sterling silver wire. Bloodstone is a very deep green stone with flecks of red, hence the name. This unique pendant comes on a silverplated fine chain in an organza bag.

BLOODSTONE - also called Heliotrope, is dark-green chalcedony with red spots caused by iron oxide and the green color is from chlorite particles or hornblende needles. Known as the stone of courage, vitality, and, "iron clad strength". Brings honesty and integrity to relationships, renewing love and healing wounds. Brings the user back to "the moment". Bloodstone aligns with the 1st (Root) chakra and the zodiac star sign of ARIES.

TOURMALINATED QUARTZ - Black Tourmaline crystals and threads inside of clear Quartz crystals. Is said to balance and unite conscious with subconscious, male with female, spirit with matter and bring harmony to any polarity and moderation to situations.

Wire Wrapping

My pendants are totally handmade, gemstones and crystals made into unique pendants by the use of sterling silver or 14k gold filled wire or findings. Sometimes many, many yards of it! No glues, no fixatives, just the tension of the wire holding it together. The description of gemstones that most appeals to me is that they are "part of the earth's DNA". Even if you feel they don't have any special metaphysical properties, I am sure you will agree with me that they have an enduring quality and beauty. All my jewellery is one of a kind, created in the inspiration of the moment and made with care. I use quality materials and aim to produce beautiful, affordable items. Each one is unique, as even if I try and repeat a design, it's never quite the same, especially with gemstones!