Citrine point pendant, natural rough crystal, 14k gold fill wire wrapped pendant


CITRINE point crystal 14k gold filled wire wrapped pendant

This is a beautiful small Citrine crystal 20 mm point. I have wire wrapped it in 14k gold filled wire and the finished pendant is 30 mm long. It is a great way to benefit from this natural gemstone. It comes in an organza bag with a gold plated chain.

CITRINE - is a transparent quartz mineral that gets its name from its yellow coloring. Helps with the power to manifest wealth, attract powerful creative forces, adjust to the external disturbances in life. Citrine is thought to help with all forms of emotional distress, including, low self-esteem, lack of energy and destructive tendencies. Many also refer to Citrine as the "Merchant's Stone" believing placing citrine crystals in a safe or locked place will increase income. It is aligned with the zodiac sign of LEO and the sacral chakra.