Large rough Black Tourmaline Russian Amazonite Sterling wrapped pendant

 Large rough Black Tourmaline Russian Amazonite Sterling wire wrapped pendant
This is a large 35 x 25 mm flat slab of Black Tourmaline. I have wire wrapped it in Sterling silver wire and beads with a 10 mm round Russian Amazonite bead on the front. The finished pendant has a Sterling silver snap bail and is a large 55 mm long. It is a great way to benefit from this gemstone. It comes in an organza bag with a silver plated chain.


TOURMALINE - This gemstone has a wide color range. Said to enhance flexibility, objectivity, compassion, serenity, balance, positive transformation, healing, strength, tolerance, and understanding. Excellent channeling stone for communication with higher forces.


AMAZONITE - is an opaque sodium feldspar. Is said to be excellent for those who live or work in harsh, toxic, or fast paced environments because of its ability to soothe the nervous system and absorb negativity. It seems to work directly with the nerves by soothing and strengthening them. It helps one create a flow of thoughts for more creative expression.