Matrix Opal pendant, Andamooka blue green pinfire colour, sterling silver wire wrapped pendant


Australian Andamooka Matrix blue/green sparkle Sterling pendant
A gorgeous freeform Andamooka Matrix opal. This stone glitters with pinfire sparks of gemmy blue/violet/green. It has been heat treated with a sugar solution for a darker background and then polished. Wrapped with Sterling silver wire the finished pendant is 30 mm long and comes on a free silver plated chain in an organza bag. A very different and beautiful gemstone, totally unique, I love this one. 

Andamooka opal comes from a small outback town in South Australia. The work involved in mining this opal, the small field it comes from and the gorgeous results mean that it is a unique and more rare type of Australian matrix opal. There is not much material coming from this field these days and therefore this type of opal is becoming more rare. It has ‘pinfire’ flash, little specks of colour in a host stone, and the greater the concentration the more brilliant the colour. Some Andamooka Matrix opals are treated with heat and sugar to darken the background so the pinfire opal can be seen. Unique!